Best Haircut Designs For Black Men

Fancy a new haircut? Start the year 2013 with some creative hair styles. You could pretty much incorporate any design or shape with your haircut.

Get inspired from our list of best haircut designs for black men:

Artistic Swirls

Kanye West rocked this style, by having an artistic swirls pattern over half of his hair. This is a great design, fashionable yet somehow simplistic.

See picture below for Artistic Swirls haircut design:

haircut designs for black men

You can make a plain short haircut look good by finishing it up with a fade style. A space is left on the sides, followed by stylishly faded strings of hair. You could even compliment the haircut with a nice shave.

See picture below to Fade haircut design:

haircut designs for black men

Steve Harvey

Amongst the most famous haircut designs for black men, is the Steve Harvey style, with a full shave and a fancy mustache. It’s a big step for most men, but can be a good try. Whenever you need a change, top it up with a stylish hat.

See picture below to Steve Harvey haircut design:

haircut designs for black men
Line Up

Usher styles it up with a line up haircut design and doesn’t shy away from a little bit of facial hair. This can be a great look for black men, trendy and casual.

See picture below to Line Up haircut design:

haircut designs for black men

Blow out

This is another casual but fashionable design. If you grow a small Afro and ask your barber for a blow out style with a fade shape up. Good for every occasions.

See below picture to Blow Out haircut design:

haircut designs for black men

Get a change of style in 2013, try out one, or more, of the haircut designs for black men in this article. The artistic styles offer you a great variety to chose from. Feel free to be creative and add your own touch to the haircuts.

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