Information on red and black hairstyles

Red hair occurs due to high concentration of a pigment known as pheomelanin. People having red hair have a low concentration of eumelanin while the black hair occurs due to high concentration of eumelanin. But both the red and black hairstyles should be applied with great care as every styling doesn’t looks good on everyone.

These year there are new trends of both red and black hairstyles .So people with red hair should have the hairstyles different from the people having black hairstyles.Women with long red hair should follow the following hairstyles:-

red and black hairstyles
1. Long red hair can be simply left open.
2.If you have a long face and straightened your red hair(will be better if you have deep red coloured hair) recently then you can tie a horsetail.
3. If you have a long forehead, then to hide your forehead you can apply fringes.Try to make your fringes partitioned at one side i.e., either left or right.Women having pinkish red hair colour can apply this.
4.If your hair colour is lightly red then you can tie a top note with leaving the few thin strands of the hair near the cheeks.This hairstyle will be beneficial if you have to attend the parties.
5. They can even curl their hair, this will give cool and elegant look to them.

red and black hairstyles
Women with short hairs can apply long layers at the back and short layers at the front.The men with short red hairs can apply curls on their hairs.They can even apply layer cuts on their hairs and apply gels so that they stay in their positions.

Now the women with long black hairs can apply following hairstyles:-
1.As leaving the hair open suits every hair colour so black hair can be left open.
2.If you have a black hair then allow the few strands of your hair fall on one of your shoulders.This will give you a elegant look.
3. Black hair is suitable for trying out the artificial buns with gorgeous pins.These are best for all the parties and wedding occasions.

Men with black hair can apply the following hair styles


red and black hairstyles

This hairstyle can be obtained by cropping the hairs near your ears and keeping long hairs at the center.
2.Another hairstyle that can be applied on them are the curls.
3.Another common hairstyle that can be applied on men is that the hair can be cut into mid-length layers and allowed to fall on the forehead.

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