Mohawk Hairstyles For Black Men

The Mohawk is one of the most popular hairstyles for black people these days especially for those young black men. The Mohawk is commonly known as having thin hair on the sides of the head and a thick set of hair on top of the head. Today, several people have created different variations of Mohawk with more designs such as on the sides. Here are Mohawk Hairstyles for black men today.

mohawk hairstyles for black men

1. Frohawk – One particular Mohawk hairstyle in which it allows a person to go a wild with their hair without cutting it off too much is the Frohawk. The Frohawk can be achieved by a person who has a curly type of hair thus, this perfect for those black people since most of them do have curly type of hairs. Other than that requirement, there is nothing more that you will need in achieving this hairstyle. You will only have to leave more amount of hair on the top and its your choice to put some designs on the sides. In short, it is like getting an afroman hairstyle and cutting the sides to make a mohawk. That is why it is called a frohawk

mohawk hairstyles for black men

2. Light Mohawk – This type of Mohawk is styled as a very thin mohawk on top of the head. It’s like having a bald head with a very thin layer on the middle part of the top of the head.

3. Mohawk Sweep – The Mohawk sweep is a kind of Mohawk in which the hair comes from the middle-top part of the head up to the middle-back part with shaved sides.

mohawk hairstyles for black men

4. Curly Mohawk – This type of Mohawk is another hairstyle which is usually used for black men. The sides of their head will be shaved while leaving the curly hair on top part of the head. It is up to you if you want your back to be shaved or not.

These are some of the popular mohawk hairstyles for black men. All styles of mohawk can be placed with designs on the shaved sides of the head. This is to make it look more innovative.

mohawk hairstyles for black men

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