Black Men`s Hairstyles

Black men’s hairstyles include the following styles:

Black Greek style-It is a casual style bringing out an impression of a sexy curl.
Simple black crop-It is hair cropped short defining the heads features.
Black medium dreadlocks-It is a style made up of dreadlocks on the head.
Hair definition-Is a style where the head is left with full hair with a simple crop.
Patterned hairstyle-It is composed of patterns of your choice made on your head.
The cool will smith style-It is a style with warm Will Smith features.

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Timeless Black Mens Haircuts

Research has shown that most African American men prefer short hair. One of the reasons that have been given for this kind of preference rests on the management. Short hair is easy to manage and maintain at the same time. The trending black haircut is the Buzz cut. This hair cut is very short and one of the easiest to manage. It is mostly preferred by African American men who have busy schedules such that they may not have enough time to manage their hair every time they wake in the morning. This hair cut is usually done with clippers due to the short size which is required.

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Black Men Hairstyles 2012

This year there are some hot new hair looks for various black male stars. Many people wonder what the secret behind this stylish, hot hair is. Some of these looks are fairly new while others are from days gone by. Here is a look of some of the hot and trendy black men hairstyles 2012 and also some of the male stars hair secrets.

Trey Songz buzz haircut.

The buzz cut is yet to go out of style though it has been around for a very long time. The name comes from the electric clippers that buzz while shaving. The hair secret behind his style is simple; just trim the hair short all over. It is easy to maintain, all you need is a bottle of shampoo which will last long.

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Popular Black Men Hairstyles

One of the first things that come to mind when talking about black men is the Afro hairstyle. This hairstyle is short and can be sported even by women. This type of hairstyle is often huge in appearance and is fluffy around the head. Basically, this look is possible for individuals with naturally curly hair. The texture and growth of the hair is crucial for the final overall look of this hairstyle. This is actually one of the most common black men hairstyles, which is not difficult to wear.

Another great hairstyle for black men is hair braids. This is suitable for men with short to medium hair length as well. What is great about hair braids is that you can actually choose the design to dress up your tresses. You can go for cornrows, micro braids, box braids or any other different patterns. Accessories can also be added to this hairstyle to jazz up its overall look. However, bear in mind that hair braids require proper care and maintenance. Specific hair products should be used to maintain the braids and it should be covered with a scarf before sleeping to avoid messing it up. (more…)

Black Men Haircuts 2012

If you are the kind of black man who is looking for the latest trends in the haircut hairstyles, then you are definitely going to spot one that you normally wear but a little bit fashionable and different. This means that you will find a simple and more stylish shave that still copies the previous hairstyle cuts.

You can opt for a close-shaved hairstyle that is very trendy and has gained a lot of popularity among many black men; more so superstars. This style is called the buzz cut by black men. It comes in different cut-styles that you can decide on picking such as; buzz butch and buzz burr among others that you can spot.

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Trendy Black Men Hair Cuts

Men find it hard to get the best hair cut suited for their personality, lifestyle, and overall appearance as well as depending on one’s career just like women. But there are trendy black men haircuts available that will make you look stylish and smart.

Naturally, black men have tough and curly hair which is hard to keep long at the same time well groomed hence this makes hair cut the only viable solution. Several careers also favor short hair like being an athlete where short hair will enhance optimum performance just like an office job which requires one to be official.

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Tips On The Latest And Popular Black Men Haircut Styles

It is often said that a hair cut defines a man, the kind of styles that is chosen can tell much about the class, character of any man out there. This means that one should choose carefully the kind of hair cut they adorn every time they visit a barber shop. They are a variety of black men haircut styles to choose from.

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Total Shave As One Of The Black Men Hair Styles

There numerous black men hair styles available for you today. One of them is the total shave hairstyle. Some men tend to panic the idea of shaving this hairstyle, but majority of black Americans have continued to love the hairstyle. Maintaining this hairstyle is simple since you do not need to spend more time in your wardrobe fixing your hair. This hairstyle is more common among many models, actors, and singers in US.

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2013 Black Men Hair Care Tips

Many black men experience problems especially when it comes to growing their hair. Most of them constantly have dry, brittle, fragile, and very curly hair. This has made their hair vulnerable to breaking especially the short ones. Although your genes and diet determines how your hair grows, personal care is still an important factor to make this your hair looks amazing. These are the newest tips and tricks for black men hair.

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Black Male Hairstyles Of 2013

Black male hairstyles are varied because of the wide range of texture and length that reflect the African American man’s attitude and personality. The natural hair type of a Black man is usually curly or frizzy and the most common hairstyle adopted by them since decades has been the Afro. But you no longer have to limit yourself to just the Afro look — a large, round shaped thick hairstyle covering the head like a halo.

Black male celebrities are known to make a personal statement through their hair. From short cropped styles to braids and long dreadlocks, they have set hair trends all over the world. It is not surprising that most of the latest hairstyles are known by the name of the celebrity who sports them. Here are some popular Black male hairstyles:

The Jay Z haircut: This is one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain if you have thick curly hair. Jay Z, an American rapper, is famous for his formal yet cool style where the hair is cut short with neat sideburns to give a professional and tidy look.

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