Restyling And Trendy Hairstyles: How To Cut Black Men Hair?

Black men hairstyles are distinctive and they have their own explicit desire for their hairstyle. They can maintain long hairstyle or short one, depending upon their need and how they want to represent themselves. Hairstyle for black men also represents their cultural heritage. Let’s see How to cut black men hair? And hairstyles that suit them.

Cornrow Style: As we have discussed above, these kinds of hairstyles need special hair care. If you maintain them properly, you can be in this hairstyle for weeks. This is suitable if you have medium or long hair. Here are some instructions on how to plait a hair to a cornrow style.

how to cut black men hair


Part the hair into sections and make sure you have applied hair oil or detangle solution before you braid your hair.
Take a small section of hair and start braiding them. Repeat the process until you finish all the sections split.
Make sure that your braids are narrow; this will stay long compared to the larger ones.
Keep clear visualization on what kind of pattern you want. You can also leave the braids as such or tie it up like a ponytail.


This kind of hairstyle is always trendy and makes your work easy for maintenance. Please find some of the cornrow patterns.

Dreadlock Style: This hair can be maintained easily compared to cornrow style. Follow the below instructions.

how to cut black men hair

Use a dreadlock shampoo and blow dry it.
Split your hair into small sections and use rubber band to make sure that the sections stay in place.
Start backcombing your hair in all the sections and you will start getting dreadlock.
Apply rubber band in the end of the dreadlock and also in the root and apply dread wax to each sections.
Repeat the process for each and every section.

how to cut black men hair

This can be done for long or short hair. This helps in the growth so nothing to worry.

Afro Temp Hairstyle: This is the best and one of the famous hairstyle among black men.


Shampoo your hair to remove for excess oil.
Cut the hair for the desired length, which you think will suit you.
Use trimmer for extra short hairstyle and make sure you don’t trim them very short.
These are some of the hairstyles, which are both trendy and fashionable. This will give you some idea on what kind of hairstyle will best suit you. And instructions will let you know How to cut black men hair? Step by step.

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